Cleansing of eyelash extensions

We still come across with the common belief that eyelash extensions or volume lashes should not be washed or made wet. This is absolutely not the case. In fact, daily cleansing of eyelash extensions with a facial cleansing product and water should be part of the daily routines of everyone wearing eyelash extensions. 
Daily cleansing along with regular brushing of eyelash extensions are the only maintenance tasks needed to ensure beautiful and long lasting eyelash extensions and healty lashes.

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Dirt, oil and make up residue

People wearing eyelash extensions may think they improve the retention period by not making their lashes wet. Impurities of skin such as oil, dirt and make-up residue can then easily build-up in the lash base. Such build-ups easily shorten the retention time and in worst case may cause infections of the eye. In addition, if lashes are not cared for and washed regularly, the build-ups will prevent eyelash glue from being absorbed into customer's lashes during eyelash application. This naturally leads to a weak glue bond and the extensions may fall of prematurely.

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Eyelash glues and water

Professional lash stylists apply eyelash extensions using cyanoacrylate based adhesives designed for the purpose. Eyelash glue forms are very strong bond by being absorbed into the natural lash and setting between and around the individual eyelash extensions or volume fans. The cured/hardened glue bond is 100% water resistant.

Eyelash glues cure (i.e. "harden": turn from liquid to solid) by using moisture. On the contrary to the common belief, eyelash glues do not get dry from the air.

Instant hardening with Nano mister

If Nano mister is used by lash stylist to harden eyelash glue after eyelash extension application, the glue will harden in seconds and there is no need to avoid water for the normally recommended 24 to 48 hours. 

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It is important to note that when Nano mister is used, only a small amount of moisture is used to harden the glue bond. If lashes are made wet with too much water right after the application, the effect is the opposite as the glue will harden too fast prior to having been absorbed into the natural lash. This often leads to a weak surface bond and may cause the extensions to fall of prematurely.

Daily cleansing routine

LashLovers Oy has developed a gentle facial cleansing gel that is especially designed for people who wear eyelash extensions. When mixed with water, the unique Beauty Wash cleansing gel forms a soft foam that cleans effectively even the most minute residue and impurities of the lash base. In addition it cleanses impurities and make up from the entire face area. The cleansing gel is fragrance-free and made in Finland.

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How to use BEAUTY WASH

Beauty Wash is designed for normal/combination skin. A small amount of gel is enough to cleanse both lashes and the entire face area.



1. & 2. Wet your hands and face with water.
3. Leave a small amount of water on your palms and apply a small amount of gel to your hands.
4. & 5. Lather the water and gel by massaging your hands together quickly.
6. Clean your lashes and face with the foam, using gentle circular movements.
7. Rinse with plenty of water.
8. Dry your face and lashes by pressing a towel against them softly.
9. Brush your lashes, if needed.